How we do it

  • Design

    Talleres Doval has its own design department, whose task is to conceive and develop our clients’ projects by using 3D software. Once the project has been designed, the second phase of the production phase starts: the cutting, punching, folding, welding or assembling, depending on the request. All this process is carried out following our own strict quality control system.

  • Machinery
    • Laser cutting

      Our laser cutting machines, with automated loading system and a 3000 x 1500 mm working area, can cut carbon steel plates of up to 20 mm thick, stainless steel of up to 12 mm and aluminium of up to 6 mm, among other materials.

    • Punching

      We have a CNC punching machine featuring a 1270 x 1250 mm working area, 30 Tm of maximum power output and a 31-station tool loader. It’s suitable for all kinds of cuts and moldings for up to 4 mm thick plates.

    • Folding

      We boast CNC folding machines of up to 6 axis, 2 to 5 metres long and from 80 to 300 Tm of power output. These machines also feature an automatic folding angle correction system.

  • Welding and assembling

    For the final assembling of the parts we employ fixed and portable machines for up to 60 kVA spot welding, as well as a wide range of MIG and TIG welders.