Talleres Doval began its activity under its founder, Domingo Antonio Doval Paz, back in 1945. In its early years, the company focused on repairing the sheet which formed the body of vehicles.

The 50s sees the start of the fabrication of some components from the PEGASO truck cabin.

In the 60s, along with the launching of IPV forest special trucks, Talleres Doval is assigned the manufacturing of the cabins and part of the chassis from those vehicles. Moreover, the high demand from its customers leads the company towards specialization in boilermaking parts of up to 15 mm thick.

After the passing of its founder in 1988, Talleres Doval turns into a limited company, changing its name to Talleres Doval, S.L. The company keeps its modernization policy, and so today it features state-of-the-art techology for cutting, folding, punching and welding of aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel parts. This substantial and continuous improvement applies not only to the employed technology, but also to the business fields, since they have also been gradually widened.

In 1999 the company Industrias Dovaltac, S.L. (with Talleres Doval as a shareholder) is founded; it specializes in the assembling of bodywork and other metal structures.